Rebecca Woody

Bodybuilding Experience:

NPC Bodybuilding competitor from 1986 to 2015 competing in over 32 competitions in multiple classes consisting of Open, Masters and Couple’s. Of those, placing 1st place 19 times in light weight division and received 13 Best Poser awards.

Memorable Awards:

– 1st Place 1990 NPC Nationals Light Weight Master’s, Houston, TX.
– 1st Place 1989 NPC Heart of America Master’s, Open, Couples & Best Poser
– 1st Place 1988 NPC Heart of America Master’s, First Master’s event held in KC. Also placed 1st Open, 2nd Place Couples and Best Poser.
– 3rd and 4th Place in 2 Power Lifting Competitions
– 2nd Place 2001 NPC Caveman Open and Master’s Class at age 52.
– 4th Place 2001 NPC Iron Man Open Class Minnesota
– 1st Place 2015 NPC Muscle Mayhem Master’s BB, 2nd Master’s Physique, 4th Open Physique, Best Poser Award at age 66.
– 3rd Place 2015 NPC Nationals Physique Master’s, Pittsburgh, PA

Judging Experience:

An NPC judge from 1987 to 1997. Currently judging or Head Judge for the NANBF since 2000, respectfully, at various venues.


First experienced a gym in 1983; currently a member of World’s Gym. AFPA Certified Personal Trainer since 2002. Works with various gyms in KC, regarding posing and choreographed routines for physique, bodybuilding, bikini and figure. Competition Prep coach for 20 years.


Has been choreographing Bodybuilding and physique routines, Figure and bikini posing and Fitness routines since 1987. Choreographed several of Lisa Lewis’s, Ms Olympia routines, as well as other NPC National and USA competitors and NANBF competitors who have turned professional.


In 1986, interviewed on radio talk show program with Tonya Knight, nicknamed ‘Gold’ on TV’s American Gladiator’s. Interview with Karen Karnacki in 1987 on KMBC-TV and KCPTV prior to competitions. Invited by Cynthia Smith of WDAF; for a special program on 1989 ‘Over 40’ unique Kansas City personalities.