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Warriors Fuel Food meals are prepared by dedicated chefs who know how to make your food taste incredible.  We build meals to meet your goals.


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Gain the healthy lifestyle you want to achieve by letting Warrior Fuel make your meals one week at a time.  A customizable menu, weekly auto pay, and an easy delivery schedule let you focus on what is important to you.  Be a competitor and eat like a Warrior!

Grow stronger
Save Valuable Time
Eat healthy
Compete at a pro level
Improve your health

Starting Price per meal

21 Hours (per month)

how much time the average American spends cooking and grocery shopping.

64+ Menu Items

rotating weekly menus keep your body refreshed and healthy.

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At the beginning of January my weight was back up to 318 lbs -body fat percentage 34 % and waist size back up to 44 inches.  I started working out with personal trainer and nutritional coach Ethan Benda who made out a nutritional plan for me and introduced me to Warrior  Fuel Foods.  I wanted to lose weight, become leaner, and increase my energy levels so I could work out longer and stronger.  Warrior Fuel Foods is a great business.  They worked with me over the past 8 months by supplying me with healthy meals to help me reach my goals.  Warrior Fuel Foods offers healthy and nutritional meal plans at a reasonable price and the customer service is EXCELLENT.  I am a registered nurse, so I wanted to be healthier so I could be a better example to my patients.  My job can also be very physical at times, so I also wanted to get into better physical condition so I could be better at my job.  Working out with Ethan over the past 8 months and utilizing the meal plans with Warriors Fuel Food has helped me get my weight down to 248 lbs, body fat percentage down to 16% and waist size down to 38 inches.  My energy levels have increased and have helped me work out longer and more often.  I am 48 years old and thanks to Warrior Fuel Foods I soon hope to meet my final goal of weighing 225 lbs with a body fat percentage of 10 to 12 %.  I recommend this business for any one wanting to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.


I have used Warriors Fuel for over 2 years to keep competition ready year-round. I have been able to stay lean and strong without taking a ton of time prepping my own food.

ETHAN BENDAPersonal Trainer, Physique Competitor, Jiu-Jitsu Competitor

I have used several meal programs in the past and haven’t found real success until Warriors Fuel.  It is the first company that asked the right questions when setting up my meal plan.  It included questions about the type of training I was doing, current body fat percentage, and my current weight.  More importantly for me, were the questions about not where I am, but where I wanted to be.  They then set my calories, carbs, protein, and fats based on those goals.  The delivery process right to your door makes it easy and cuts out all of the prep time.  If you ever have a question or want to make a small change, its not a hassle.  You simply call the Owner Gabe, and he makes it happen.  Since I started with Warriors Fuel, I’ve dropped 45 lbs and nearly 10% in body fat.  It’s not a quick fix plan, but the good one’s never are.  If you are willing to put the work in at the gym and follow with meals, you will definitely hit your goals.


I started eating Warrior’s Fuel on January 1st, 2014, with the goal of losing weight, and as of February 28th I’ve lost 24 pounds. However, the weight loss only scratches the surface of the benefits I’ve realized since making the change. As a Type-2 diabetic, my A1C numbers are nearly those of a non-diabetic and still dropping. My blood glucose levels, which I take twice a day, never go above 100. I’ve always had a passion for lifting weights, and my strength has improved despite the fact that I’ve cut weight. My body weight isn’t just changing – my body composition is changing, and I realize now that should have been the goal all along. I carry less fat and more muscle. My wife compliments me on my improved skin tone. But most importantly, I know that Warrior’s Fuel is extending my life therefore extending the time I have with my new family, and that’s a gift you cannot put a price on.


Me and my husband started using Warrior Fuel Foods meal plan in January of this year. As two people who just hit 50 years old we knew we needed to make a lifestyle change. I cant tell you how much this has changed our lives. The meals are very filling and very diverse which is important to us. We are never hungry and the best part is the results. After only two months I have lost 32 lbs. and my husband Jim has lost 24lbs. The plan is fairly priced and makes living a healthy lifestyle doable. We highly recommend it. Thank you Gabe and friends!